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Troop MD 1776 needs Leaders for all our programs.

Woodlands - ages 5 to 10

Navigators - ages 11 to 13

Adventurers - ages 14 to 17


1) Must be a bible-believing, trinitarian, Christian. Note: only men are permitted to be Leaders for the Navigators and Adventurers.

2) Be at least 18 years old. Note: most positions are for adults 21 years and older.

3) Able and willing to teach boys and young men

4) Must make a commitment to a Christ-centered, scouting ministry

5) Have consistent availability 

6) Have good communication skills

7) Always be ready and willing to learn

Screenshot 07-26-2022 15.21.12.png


- If you are called to be a Leader in the Woodlands Trail program, the only preferred requirement is that you have had some experience working with elementary aged children.


- If you are called to be a Leader in either the Navigator or Adventurer programs it is preferred that you have or had any kind of scouting and/or military experience.


- NOTE: if you are a parent or relative of a  Trailman already in our Troop, we would love for you to join our Leadership team.


Again, all these particular requirements are only preferred and not at all essential.


Contact us at

Let us know about:

1) Your Christian testimony

2) Why you're interested in joining our Troop's      Leadership team

3) What interests or experiences you could bring to our team

4) Which program age level you would prefer to work in

5) Ask any questions you may have as well

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