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If your son would like to be a part of our troop, the first step would be to come and visit us when we have a regular meeting. We usually meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at Chesapeake Christian Fellowship church in Davidsonville from 6:00pm to 7:30pm


The next step would be to sign up. You can do that by one of two ways. You can sign up at a troop meeting where we will have sign-up sheets for you. Or, the other way is to email us ; troopmd1776@gmail.comIn your email to us, please provide the following information:


- Parent's first and last name

- Parent's phone number

- Boy's fist and last name

- Boy's age

- Boy's date of birth

Afterwards, you will receive an Invite Email from Troop MD 1776. There, you will create a profile account and register your son or sons on to Trail Life Connect. This is where you put in all their information such as age, Patrol level/group, etc. The final step would be to pick up a New Member's Packet from us at your next visit.


There are five Troop Levels in Trail Life. It is all based on the age of the child. If you are not sure which Level to place your son or sons in, please refer to the following:


FOXES - 5 years old by 10/31

HAWKS - 7 years old by 10/31

MOUNTAIN LIONS - 9 years old by 10/31

NAVIGATORS- 11 years old by 10/31

ADVENTURERS - 14 years old by 10/31 (note: the program ends once a boy has reached the age of 18)




Any member of Troop MD 1776 who has not attended any of our meetings, including Hit the Trail events, and who has not contacted us for at least three months straight will have their status as a Trailman deactivated. It will automatically be assumed by the Leaders that the member is no longer interested or is unable to be a part of our troop for whatever reason.



To find out more about the programs, please hover over the "INFORMATION" tab at the top menu bar. There you will find information of how each program works, what Trail Life is all about, who our Leaders are, and a link to our sister program of American Heritage Girls.

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