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This is the Woodlands program of Trail Life. Here, you will find essential information on how to become and be a Woodlands Trailman. Below, you will discover how to officially join the Woodlands, the all important Handbook, and ways to advance in the program. NOTE: any document that uses grade level for the different Patrols (Fox, Hawk, ML) is not current. Trail Life's policy now is to assign a Trailman to a Patrol based solely on age.

Woodland Joining Requirements

Please see the document link below and read carefully as new members that have completed the SIGN UP process will need to study all the requirements for joining the Woodlands program. When the new member feels ready and comfortable to demonstrate that he knows them, he can stand before a Trail Life Leader and go through each of the requirements. Once a new member has completed this task, he will earn a Joining Patch Award.

Woodlands Handbook

The Handbook should tell you everything you need to know about being a Trailman, the Trial Life program, and the advancement process. This is a very important book for many reasons including keeping track of your progress throughout the years and knowing what awards you can achieve. 

Family Home Activity (FHA)

Making meetings and Hit The Trail events/activities (hiking, camping, service projects, etc.) are very important. It's how we make the most of Trail Life and earn Steps towards Branch Pin Awards. But, what can you do if you miss a meeting or an HTT event? You can do TWO Family Home Activities. Two FHAs count towards making up just one meeting or an HTT event missed. HOWEVER, you are only allowed to make up ONE missed meeting or Hit The Trail event/activity per Branch. They can be found in the Handbook and in the link below. Once you have done two FHAs, you then must email us at and explain to us specifically what you did. Once that happens, the Advancement Chair will put it on record and it will earn you credit towards earning a Branch Pin or a Sylvan Star.

Advancement and Awards

A Branch Pin and a Sylvan Star Pin is earned by completing certain Steps which include making the meetings and participating in a Hit The Trail event/activity for each Branch that we work on together. There are 7 Branch Pins for the first year and then 7 Sylvan Stars for the second year. The Woodlands Leaders decide on which Branch to work on for the time being. NOTE: always check the TRAIL LIFE CONNECT calendar to see what Branches we are working on. The link to the document below should answer most of your questions on how to achieve these awards. There is also a 9 minute video you can view that goes over this as well. However, to view the video, you will need to log on to your already existing Trail Life Connect account.

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