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Prerequisite: Earn the Horizon Award.

Trail life USA has created an extensive Freedom Award Procedure Guide for earning the Freedom Award. The Procedure guide gives you more details regarding each requirement for the Freedom Award as well as checklists which must be used to walk you and your Troop/Area Leaders step-by-step through earning the Freedom Award. Tracking your Troop Involvement, the Freedom Experiences, and the Worthy Life Award are recorded in your Handbook. (Pages 105, 114 and 115). The Servant Leadership Project Guide, Advancement Conference, and Board of Review signatures are all captured within the corresponding documents in the Freedom Award Procedure Guide available on Trail Life Connect or click here. NOTE: this is a large file and may take time to load.



- Maintain a level of Troop meeting attendance acceptable to your Advisor (typically 60% or better).

- Participate in at least 16 Troop activities since becoming an Adventurer, not including regular meetings. Record each activity (trips, camp, community outings, etc.) on the activity chart in your Handbook (page 114) and have them verified by an adult.


Complete at least four Trail Life USA approved Freedom Experiences of your choosing from the current Freedom Experience Course Catalog (click). Each Freedom Experience must be approved by your Advisor before you start. After completing each Freedom Experience, have a conference with your Advisor for final approval. Record your progress in the Freedom Experiences Tracking Chart in your Handbook (page 115) along with your Advisor's approvals.

- Complete two Freedom Experiences in one field for your Major.

- Complete one Freedom Experience in a second field (this counts as a Minor).

- Complete one Freedom Experience in a third field (this counts as a Minor).


- Complete the Adventurers Worthy Life Award (click) Requirements and Signature Pages are on pages 105 - 111 of your Handbook.


- Complete a Freedom Servant Leadership Project (click) according to the Standards in the Freedom Award Procedure Guide (click). NOTE: Again, this is a large document file and may take time to load.


- Successfully complete an Advancement Conference with your Advisor and Troopmaster.

- Successfully complete a Freedom Award Board of Review


Note: The Horizon Award must be earned before beginning work on any aspect of the Freedom Award except for Freedom Experiences and the Worthy Life Award, which can be earned by Adventurers before the Horizon Award.


Upon a successful review by the National Freedom Award Review Committee, you will have earned the pinnacle accomplishment of Trail Life USA, the Freedom Award, and become a Freedom Rangeman. This is the rarest of honors. You should be extremely proud. Through your effort and accomplishment, you will serve as a shinning example to the thousands of Trailmen who are following you along the Freedom Trail.

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